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graphic design interview

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Hello people of the internet

It's been some hectic few weeks for me. I have been making my Portfolio,
like i said in my last blog post.
All of my hard work paid off, because i got invited to an interview yesterday
in the graphic design school i'm trying to get in. That was like the 2nd round
of this little experience of me trying to get accepted into the school.

All  i can do now is wait, for 2 weeks to be exact.
It's really nerve wracking, because i truly want to get into this school and
learn more about these incredible programs like Illustrator & Photoshop.

Let me tell you about yesterday. So like i said i was at a interview. There were
2 teachers there, one female, one male. We sat across this long table, with me
in the middle, which made it even scarier. All eyes where at me, all four eyes...

They started asking me different types of questions like, what kind of person i
am, how i function in school and more. As they where asking i was thinking
so hard to get to the PERFECT answer. But all i could do was to do my best.
I tried to smile as much as possible, and look into their eyes ( which i have
a hard time doing).

But thankfully i did it, and it only lasted for 20 minutes. And i am suprised to
say, that it was not as terrifying as i thought it would be. I mean, i survived
didn't i?

So if you have an interview coming up, be it at a school or job interview. Remember
to relax and just think "i can do this,i can do this". And practise, practise!


Until next time...Have fun!

// Maria

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