tirsdag den 27. november 2012

The Ornaments

The text iheartart172012 and the mistletoe were added in picmonkey.com

Hello people of the internet!

Long time no blog...
The reason for that is because i have been busy making my very first
portfolio. I and some of my fellow classmates have decided to transfer to graphic
design ( if we are lucky enough to get in ).
We have until this Friday ( Nov.30 ) to finish.

I tried to design my portfolio book as crreative as possible.
My portfolio map, is pink, of course. And inside i have black papers with my
drawing/pictures glued on top.
The picture above is a web design i am working on for my current school project.
I am making a webshop for Christmas ornaments. =) My site is called "The
Ornaments". My logo as you can (almost) se on top, is a red x-mas ball, with
the text "The Ornaments.com"

Until next time...Have fun!

// Maria

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