søndag den 17. marts 2013

Done with interactive magazine!

Made this on quebles.com

Hello people of the internet!

So last week our class just finished making our interactive magazine! It
was so exciting to see the finished product. 
We made our interactive magazine in InDesign, which didn't use to be
a program i liked. But after this project i have grown to like it, a lot!
We added some Easter details to our magazine, which was fun. But i had
to remove one of my favorite designs, the jumping bunny... I added
a bunny who was jumping non stop on the Index page, but it wasn't
serious enough for our fashionable magazine. 

I have learned a lot about the "killing my darlings" method on this project.
Meaning i have had to remove some designs that i loved, but didn't fit
in with our magazine. 

Next week we are focusing on finishing our printed version of our magazine, which
is almost done. We just need to make some more commercials and print it out!

Even though i think our group did an amazing job on our magazine, i'm still nervous
on what grade we will get. I hope we get a 12 (equivalent to an A+), but who

I researched a lot on interactive magazines before starting on our project since
i didn't know much about them.
If you are making an project like ours or want to check out some awesome
interactive magazines, take a look at this website!

Until next time... DREAM BIG!

// Maria

p.s. Happy early Easter!

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