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Trip to Aller!

Goodies from Aller
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hello people of the internet!

So today was a very fun day at school. We went on a little field trip to this place that prints magazines, the place is called "Aller". Aller is one of the biggest printing  places ( in Denmark ) and they print all kinds of magazines, from fashion to kids magazines.

When we went inside the first thing i noticed was how modern everything looked. The sofa looked so expensive, and i didn't expect it to look very nice in a printing bounding ( since ink is very sticky and hard to get off furniture ). 
A very nice man guided us around the whole building showing us the different printers they use and we even got to meet some of the people working there. The coolest part for me was seeing the whole process of making of magazines. I had no idea it was that complicated.

I tried my best to enjoy this moment since it was my first time seeing what some Graphic designers end up becoming. The only bad thing was it stunk like fish and ink in some of the areas, phew...
I don't think i will end up as a "printing person" ( sorry i have no clue what you call the people who print out the magazines ), since i like being in front of the computer more than the ink. But it was very nice to see what happens after the graphic designers have made the magazines in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

We all got 3 magazines as our goodies. But they are not just any magazines, those have not even come out yet! That's right, we all have exclusive magazines that first come out tomorrow! 
*feeling special*

Thanks for reading!

Until next time... Dream BIG!

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