lørdag den 13. april 2013

Potato stamping!!

Hello people of the internet!

So for the last 2 days we have been potato stamping! Which was really fun, and
i'm definitely trying it again...
We started by making the whole alphabet which you can see in the picture on the left.
Then we had to think of a quote to stamp on our posters. I chose the quote "Night is for dreaming, day is for achieving", which i made myself. I even carved a moon, a star and small stars for my poster (picture in the middle).
I made a ombre effect on the background to represent the day and night.
To my surprise making potato stamps is actually hard, since you have to make sure everything you carve is reversed!
But it was super fun! And it was nice to get away from the computer.

We have a 5 day break today - wednesday next week. YAY!

"Night is for dreaming, day is for achieving"
Go and make your dreams come true!!


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