søndag den 12. maj 2013

Pop art Project!

Made in Illustrator, by me

Hello people of the internet!

So since i last posted, we have started on a new project, which we almost have completed. 
The project is about the different kinds of art, like pop art, avant garde, and modernism. 
Our task is to make a poster for the design museum in Copenhagen. Which has to be inspired by a subject that could be in the museum. 

I choose to make my poster inspired by POP ART! And my subject is the Kodak camera from
the 60's. And since the actual camera isn't pop art, my teacher thought that i should make a poster
about the process from the camera to pop art. 
Because it's the outcome from the camera that one can make into pop art, just the the Marylin  Monroe 

We had to write an 8 pages long report about our subject as well, which i had a really hard time doing.
I actually just sent my report to my teacher a few hours ago. I felt like it was super hard to write about 
pop art and it's history. Because i don't really like writing that much.
I know, strange right? Since i have 2 blogs and all. I think it's because i only like to write if i get to decide when i'm doing it, how i'm doing it and for how long i'm doing it. Basically i don't really like being forced into doing things i don't like. haha... But that doesn't really work in the real world, so i had to suck it up
and just write those pages. 
Anyways, at least i finished in time...

"Night is for dreaming, day is for achieving" 


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