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Follow your dreams...

Took this picture of a bored Monkey at the Zoo of Copenhagen

Hello people of the internet,

Two days ago, i stopped studying graphic design. Now you may think why i did that, when
i could get a big career out of this.
Well, there are a lot of factors why one quit school. You don't just out of the blue think 'Oh hey
i should quit school!'. There are tons of reasons, and i spent a very long time thinking about the 

So lets got the biggest reason why i didn't stay. My passion for graphic design got lost, from all of the
theory lessons and the time in school. Before i began studying graphic design, i had a lot of expectations
for what the teachers would be teaching us, and what we would be doing at the school. Because from
what i read online, i thought graphic design school would be like a kind of art school. Where the
would be no to very little text and tons of art lessons. But i don't even remember one lesson where we
they thought us purely ART. We were thought where to click, when we needed the different tools, what
printers to print on, and to search on Google if we needed help.
I am not blaming the teacher for my decision for quitting school, but i can't say they weren't part of it.

But i have never really liked the idea of going to school. Ever since i was a little child all i wanted to do
is to make art and help animals. I didn't want to sit on my bum all day, reading and writing. I wanted to
be active. I would always dream of a school where the students could learn what they wanted to learn,
and for the teachers to only guide us. I now know there are such schools, they are called unschooling.
One example of and unschoolong school is called Sudbury Valley school, where all the kids may do whatever they may want. You could even just come to school and sleep all day. The kids at the school
become extremely talented when they get older since, they could do their passions. And there are NO
bullies at the school, since everyone excepts everyone. And there is no stress for finishing the homework,
because there is NO homework!
Read about the brilliant school here: http://www.sudburyvalley.org/ 

I have never really understood the purpose of education, especially if you don't like studying. Because
if you don't like it, you won't learn it, or you will forget about it in a few years. So why don't focus
on the things you love to do. And too many people go to collage just because they have to, then when they are done they won't end up getting the job they studied for..Or they'll get depressed because they wasted all those years doing somethings they didn't love.

We are all very different, and i think we should all accept that. When i used to think about people who
didn't have an education i would think, either they are poor or just rebellious. But now i now, that
they may want other things in life. Maybe they wanted to become a rockstar or a photographer, without
having people teaching them how to do it. 

If anyone ever tells you that if you don't go to collage you'll end up stupid and homeless, tell them about
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They are both collage dropouts, but they still became successful.

Anyways, i just wanted to say goodbye for now, maybe i'll come back in the future.
But i will work on fulfilling my dreams to help the animals in this world and make art.

Thanks for reading.
And follow your dreams!

I will leave you all with this quote....
Got the image from: http://pinterest.com/pin/563018673151110/
Hope you all follow your dreams, no matter what other people say.
Good luck.

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