mandag den 24. juni 2013

Label design: Tea, Pizza, and Ketchup!

Tea packaging design made in Illustrator (Flat version)

Hello people of the internet!

Except from being busy with my new little bunny, i have also been really busy with a school

Our new project is all about packaging designs. We were given a company to base our designs on.
The designs have to be for organic products that they sell. I choose tea, pizza and ketchup.
Since i already knew the company before we even started this project, i didn't really have to
research a lot.

I began by sketching all the ideas i had. And choose to start with the tea design. The tea packaging,
i choose is a little bit different. It is a triangle shape, instead of a rectangle box. I just
think different packaging is going to sell more, because it's unique.
But i must admit., it took really long for me to finish the tea packaging design. I'm just not
that used to making designs for a triangle box.haha
But i made it, after 3 days of work.
Pizza packaging design made in Illustrator

Now i have started on my Pizza design. The three packaging have to look like they are all from the same
brand, so i had to copy some of the design from the tea. Which i did by adding the dotted background, and using the same fonts. I wanted the box to show the actual pizza, but also that some of the parts are in

Our due date is on Thursday. And i have to finish my pizza and ketchup in 1 day (On wednesday)...
Ohh...Ohh.. Hope i will make it!

"Night is for dreaming, Day is for achieving"


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