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Coding 24/7

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Hello people of the internet!

So… It’s a new week, which means I got a new project to complete!
This time our project is only for 1 week (due date is on this Friday).
Guess what the project is about *drum roll* CODING!
I am not that good at Dreamweaver, which is a program we use to
code websites.
I am more of a Photoshop/illustrator type of girl. Dreamweaver is just
too black and white for me.
I NEED art, I can’t handle numbers and things like <p>, Div, and
But of course I am going to do my best and try not to fail miserably.

We have to code a web site that has already been designed and we have to
make the exact design and use the same fonts.
Almost everyone in the class I think got a bit confused ( me included ).
Because there were tons of mistakes in the design and sizes…
Poor us.. =/
Well… Nothing is perfect.
I  just hope I will be able to finish in time, since I only have 3 more days left. Plus
I was sick yesterday so I’m a bit behind.
Until next time...Have fun!!!
// Maria

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