fredag den 16. november 2012

dreamweaver problems

Chocolate cake made by: Me
Banana split made by: Vegegården
Photos taken by: Me

Hello People of the internet!
It has been a rough week...  Our project was about carpets...
We had to make a web site consisting of 4 pages, an index page, history, gallery and contact page for this carpet company. And we had to do it in 1 week. Coding and designing. easy as it sounds, my group did not finish in time.
Everything was fine until we had to start coding. I made the design layout of the
site in Photoshop,and a logo in illustrator.
This is the logo
Even though we did not finish the project, i am still happy with the design of
the site and the logo. And i did try my best!
Next week we have so much to do. We have a meating about how to make a portfolio,
a first aid class, and probably a new project.
I hope we all survive...
But even though it's been a bit hectic, i love that we always make creative things.But dreamweaver
shoud die.
Until next time...Have fun!
// Maria *who is excited to watch "Breaking Dawn" tomorrow!*

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