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Graphic design school has begun!

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Hello people of the internet!

So if you have read my last blog post, then you know i just started graphic design school yesterday. And i just have to say that i am extremely happy to have started there.
I remember yesterday i was the 1st one in class, which is always a bit awkward. So what i did is i just waited for my friend to come before i entered the class room, haha...

We started off the day with our teacher talking about the things we are going to be doing and about the different rules. Just the general stuff. 

"2 truths 1 lie"
Then we moved on to a really funny game called "2 truths & 1 lie".
The game is a really good game to get to know your class mates. 
How you play is that each individual is going to write on a piece of paper 2 truths and 1 lie about their selves.
Then shuffle all of the paper together and give random ones around the class. Then one by one is going to read what's on the paper they got. And the whole class are going to guess who the paper belongs to.
This is a really fun game, especially since most of us didn't know each other. But it was a great way to bond.
We had to use the "poker face technique"

"Speed dating-class mates styles"
The 2nd game we played is called "Speed dating". THIS WAS SO AWKWARD! But it helped me ( and probably the others too) to feel less uncomfortable to be around each other and talk to my new class mates.
So i highly suggest this game for any teachers to use!
This is how the game works...
 Line up chairs in 2 lines. Everyone takes a seat. Everyone should have 1 person sitting in front of her/him.
In 2 minutes you are going to tell the person in front of you a little about yourself. ( whole class can do this at the same time, WARNING: it will get noisy). Then when the 2 minutes are over, switch partner.
It was so much fun, even though it was super awkward at first.

We haven't really started on a project yet, but as soon as we do, i imagine all of us getting really busy!
It's going to be some amazing 4 years. I am really looking forward to our trip ( 5 days with the class in a foreign country).

Wish our class good luck!

Until next time... DREAM BIG!

// Maria

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