onsdag den 16. januar 2013

Last project...

"Candy Land"
Made by: Me
Program: Illustrator
Hello people of the internet!

So today was a very sad, but also exciting day at our class. It's the last day for all of the ones who completed their year in Web + 3D class, and for those like me who are moving on to another class.
Tomorrow will be my 1st day in graphic design school. I am incredibly excited, but also very nervous,
because it's a new class, new teachers and we are going to be in a different building!

I finished my last project in our class ( see picture above). Our assignment was to make a tutorial on any of the programs that they have taught us. To name just a few, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and Maya.
I choose to make a tutorial on how to make...*drum roll* printed paper! Since i'm obsessed with the printed paper in Panduro, i thought; why not make one myself!?.

I will post the tutorial here on this blog soon, =)

During my time at the Web + 3D class, i have learned a lot. If it weren't for this class i wouldn't even be going to graphic design school. Because while i was there, i realized that coding is not my thing, and that i wanted to do something more on the creative side.
My ultimate dream is to become a professional photographer, and to travel around the world taking tons of pictures. But until i reach that dream i will do my very best on making graphic designs. Illustrator is my favorite program, by far. 

So i guess if i should give an advice to anyone out there with a crazy dream like mine, just  fight for what you want. Even if nobody is giving you any good criticism on your work, just continue and do what you love. Because in the end it doesn't matter who got the "best work award", what matters is you, and your passion in life. And being HAPPY.

Until next time... DREAM BIG!

// Maria

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