torsdag den 24. januar 2013

Photoshop 101

Color wheel made by: Me
Program: Photoshop
gul: yellow
rød: red
magenta: magenta
blå: blue
cyan: cyan

Made by: me
Program: Illustrator
Translation: Medium rare please...

Hello people of the internet!

So after only a week in graphic design school, i have already learned so much. I am
so happy i made the choice to leave Web design and pursue graphic design instead! 

The past 4 days we have learned about colors ( RGB & CMYK ) and how to outline objects with the Pen tool. I love that there's some theory lessons as well, since i have not really had that much theory before, revolving editing programs.
We learned how to make a color wheel ( shown above), which was really fun! Even though it looks easy to make, i had no idea how to make one before. But now i know!

Tomorrow will be fun since we are going to go on a little trip with the different classes ( one of them is the digital media class). And it takes 3 hours to get to our destination. I will definitely take my DSLR with me. 

Until next time... Dream big!

// Maria

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