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projects, projects, projects

Clock project
Hello people of the internet!

School has been pretty hectic, and it's probably because of the non stop projects that we make, and
because we have started searching for internships ( which will start January 2014 ). 

Since i last wrote we have been through about two mini projects, and just a few days ago we started
on a big project that will last until the last day before summer vacation.

One of those two projects were, the "Clock design" project for Tiger ( look above for the clock
i designed). We only had a few days to finish the clock, but i did enjoy this little project, especially
since we weren't going to get any grades on our designs.
I decided to make a positive Smileys theme clock. I wanted to make a design that would make people
smile and be happy, and not stress about how little time there is left of the day to finish work, but to enjoy
life and be happy. 

wine label

Another one of our mini projects were wine label designing. I have to admit, i was super
nervous about this project, since i don't drink wine, and i know nothing about it. But i tried to
focus on what i knew about wine, and i guess it turned out fine. 
I wanted it to look like the glass in the middle had wine in it, by making a wavy line above it
using grape wines, and by adding grapes in the middle.
The swirls are supposed to represent the wine pouring into a glass. But i got a few people from my class saying that i should of reduced the doodles. They are probably right, since 
labels should be simple and easy to read. I just have a tendency of trying to
put as many details as i possibly can, even though it might not look so good.

Not done logo
So the wine label design, was a little introduction to the BIG project, which we started on
yesterday and have about 8 school days to finish. This project is called the "Organic label design project". We are going to make 3-6 label designs for the company Biogan ( which the teachers changed to Funky Organic ), and a logo. The moment we got this project,
i  got an idea right away. I have already made all of my sketches of what i want to be making. I will be making Ketchup, tea and pizza  labels. All of them are going to be in very
different kinds of packaging. The pizza packaging is going to be a big triangle, the pizza is going to be in a octagon shape and the ketchup label is going to be in a mango and tomato shape.
This way ( if our products were in the real world) they would get noticed by costumers,
very quickly, since they are in strange shapes.
I am also going to make them all in very bright and colorful colors.

I have already started making my logo in illustrator ( as you can see above ), but i'm not sure what colors i want it to be in yet...

So we are going to be pretty busy these last 2 weeks, but after that, it's summer vacation!!!

Thanks for reading.

"Night is for dreaming, Day is for achieving"


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