torsdag den 18. oktober 2012

Almost Halloween!

Hello people of the internet

So it is almost Halloween!

I am so excited, because I just love it when it is Halloween time.
There is so many activities like pumpkin carving, trick or treating and
watching creepy movies!
My favorite Halloween movie is definetly Hocus Pocus.
That movie is so adorable and funny.
I remember watching that film back in 4th grade in school, memories....
Sadly Denmark does not celebrate Halloween like America. In USA Halloween

seems like so much fun. There is Halloween parties, and old and young go Trick or treating. Here in Denmark, for the most part the younger kids are the only ones who go trick or treating.
I like to celebrate Halloween by watching Hocus Pocuslike I do every year,

carve pumpkins and cook yummy food.

 Happy early Halloween everyone!

 Until next timeHave fun!

 // Maria

 p.s. I edited the picture of my carved pumpkin called Jack on

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