torsdag den 4. oktober 2012

New project!

Photo by: Me ( Botanical garden in Copenhagen,Denmark)

Hello people of the internet!


School has been/is extremely hectic, which is why

i haven’t been blogging. ( Sorry!)



Our new project is about “The Body”.
And the 1st thing that popped into my head was "The body shop",hehe..
We have to make a website based on the title "The body".
I have chosen to make a site about Extreme bodies ( or as i
called it Xtreme bodies!).
My design and logo is done, but there is still tons of work left.
Next week i will start coding after my teachers approve
my designs...Ohh. god..
Coding is so not me. It's super hard for me since it's a lot about
numbers and weird names like "Div", float left and stuff... =/
But i will do my best!! =)
We learned about making contracts and how to use Exel...It's
a bit hard for me. I like designing things more than writing.
All in all this week has been stressful but also very fun!
Hope everyone is doing fine!
Until next time...Have fun!
// Maria
Picture info:
I went to the botanical garden last weekend and took tons
of photos. There are so many plants there, they even sell
Stevia plants!!OMG.
I recomend everyone to visit. It's super fun!

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