lørdag den 27. oktober 2012

New project! Maze game and IT grades

The heart maze for Love

Hello people of the internet!


New week equals to a new project! Our project for this week

and next week is to make a game or animation.

I choose to focus on graphic design, which is why I made

a maze instead of an action type game.

My game is about these characters called “The feelings”.

They all have to complete once level each to find each other.

1 maze equals to 1 level.

Love which is one of the characters has a heart maze,

When she completes her maze she will find Angry who

has to complete his maze.


I have only made one maze so far, since it takes a lot

of time to make one.


We also have to make a trailer for our game, in FLASH.

I really like Flash, even though it’s such a hard program.

Good thing I have lots of practice on making short movies at



We also got our IT grades, I got a 7, which equals to a B in

America. I guess that’s a good grade, but I really hoped for

an A+.


Next week I am going to focus on making my trailer, and

if I have extra time I will be making the mazes for the other

Feelings too.


Happy early Halloween!



2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Maria! This is such a great idea! Looking forward to the complete project! Keep it up! :)

    1. Thank you Danielle! =)
      I'm actually writing a blog post about
      the finished product right now!