lørdag den 13. oktober 2012

Logo design & Autumn break

Hello people of the internet!

Yay! It’s autumn break!

I am so excited to just relax at home.


I finished making my website about Xtreme Bodies and

the logo for the site (which you can see above)

i used the colors pink and blue, because I wanted

it to be a logo both female and male can relate to.

Plus blue and pink are my favorite colors in the

whole wide world.


What I love about studying in a media production school

is that almost everything we do is related to either

web sites, designing or film.

We also watch films a lot, usually cartoons. So far

we have watch “The Lorax” and “Madagascar 3”.


“The Lorax” is such an adorable movie and also very

funny. I loved the quote in the end too.

“ Unless someone like you

Cares awful a lot,

Nothing is going to get better.

It’s Not. – Dr. Suess”


The quote is so true too.

While watching the film I was thinking about how

some people just throw trash on the streets instead

of just dumping it in the trash can. I don’t

get how people can care so little about our planet.

We live on it, so we should take care of it…



Anyways school is still awesome! (never thought

I would ever say that in my life)



Until next time… have fun!


// Maria

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