tirsdag den 18. september 2012

Drawing manga & making mood boards!

Hello people on the internet!

School today consisted of learning about HTML, manga and mood boards.
We had drawing class today, and I learned how to draw manga,
as you can see on the picture above. It was my 1st time
drawing manga, and I had no idea how fun it is.
I remember watching “sailor moon” though my childhood a lot,
but I don’t really know that much about Manga or anime.
It was nice learning something new.

Then a few hours later we had a mini HTML class, which I found
quite interesting, even if my classmates looked like they were going
to fall asleep, haha… Coding is hard for me, but I still like learning
about it though.

We learned about mood boards, which I have never heard about before.
Apparently mood boards are like a collage of what colors
and what theme you will be using in your project. 
I made a mood board inspired by “The Hunger Games”, which is our theme
for our project. I used lots of black, dark red, and dark green, since those
are the colors used in the film a lot.

I am extremely excited about this project, because I love
“The Hunger Games” !

Until next time… Have fun!
// Aria

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