mandag den 17. september 2012

New 14 day project: Lego and The Hunger Games!

Hello people on the internet!

It was a very short day in school today, but it wasn’t easy…
We got divided into new groups and got a new project. And
ohhh… this one is going to be tou.
Our project is to make a website, Lego models in Maya, posters,
and more!
My group has chosen “The Hunger Games” as our theme/inspiration.
I am a huge Hunger Games fan, so I’m really excited!
We haven’t started on our project just yet, but we have made
some research and brainstormed a lot.
I can imagine our website to be a bit dark, with lots of brown
colors, and with a rusty texture, and the Mocking jay pin
must be included somewhere too, right? =)

I am super excited about this project, I’m just worried since i
haven’t used Maya that much, and I’m  no good at coding too…
But I think I will be usable at designing our website, making the
posters and of course I’m willing to help in any other way

And I like that I’m in a only girl group too, yay!

Hopefully the odds will be in our favor… ( see what I did there, hihi)

Until next time… Have fun!

// Maria

Picture: Taken with the Canon EOS 600D by me, Maria!

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